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We are commercial carpet cleaners who can get rid of odours, dust mites and stains from your rugs or carpet anywhere in the Christchurch area. Are you a homeowner or landlord with problems stains in your carpets or maybe you have areas of carpet that need refinishing or revitalization?

We recommend regularly cleaning your carpet for businesses and commercial properties at least once a year to remove any stains and dirt from the surface of your floors.

Our advanced carpet cleaning systems utilize commercial cleaning equipment and techniques for homes that need a commercial deep clean for stains, urine, dust, mites, and allergens for your carpets and rugs. Triple Star uses state-of-the-art steam cleaning machinery to protect your investment by restoring your home’s hygiene, rejuvenating and sanitizing your carpets in the process and removal of embedded dust, allergens, and oil in the process.

Our carpet cleaning service is designed to be as efficient as possible and to make an impact on your carpets that is immediately noticeable. We can schedule our steam carpet cleaning services around your business hours or your residential needs.

This extremely convenient service maintenance is recommended in your home at least once or twice a year especially in high traffic areas to remove any stains and discoloration from rugs and carpeted surfaces to preserve your long-term investment.?

Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote to carpet cleaning hire your carpet to improve your indoor air quality as well as the lifespan of your carpet surfaces.

7 Steps for Deep Cleaning Carpet Process

1.Commercial Grade Pre – vacuum

2.Citrus Solv Pre – Spray.

3.Counter-rotating brushing machine for Agitation.

4.Neutralizing Hot Water.


6.Stain treatment (Quote Separately).


5 Steps for General Cleaning Carpet Process:  

1.Commercial Grade Pre – vacuum

2.Citrus Solv Pre – Spray.

3.Neutralizing Hot Water Extraction/Rinse

4.Stain treatment (Quote Separately).


Why choosing Triple Star to clean your carpet

*Our Technicians are highly trained and hold internationally recognized qualifications from IICRC, it’s a global

Certificate and we are CCANZ Member in New Zealand (Carpet Cleaners Association of New Zealand).

*Powerful 20 Horse Petrol Truck mount  Cleaning Machine, Carpet dry in 3-6 hours

*Over 10 years of Commercial Cleaning Industry experience

*Owner Operating Pure water window cleaning & All Floor Cleaning Services

*Money-back guarantee, we guarantee our services for up to 5 days!

*$2,000,000 General Liability Insurance

See the dirtiest carpet we ever clean!

First Edited Video photos of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is, no doubt the right choice to amplify the beauty and value of your cherished home. Carpets complete your home due to the warmth they offer. Also, carpets cushion the impact of falls and slips and reduce the noise so that you can easily concentrate.

Among all the home furnishings that add beauty and style to your living space, carpet is the one that experiences huge foot traffic which ultimately contributes to dirt build-up and wears and tear. Simply vacuuming of carpet is not enough and therefore, your carpet requires a professional carpet cleaning service to keep it clean, well-maintained and to enhance its longevity.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

If you have a carpet in your room, make sure you get it professionally cleaned either once or twice in a year. Moreover, the frequency of  carpet cleaning depends on the amount of foot traffic experienced by your carpet.

You should also keep vacuuming your carpet once in a week between professional carpet cleanings. Of note, annual professional carpet cleaning helps improve the overall appearance as well as the longevity of your aesthetic carpet. Professional carpet cleaning services can remove the deeper-lying dirt and allergens that have settled in your carpet to maintaining a healthy environment. Carpet cleaning professionals are knowledgeable of carpeting specifications.

They can help lengthen the durability of your carpet by carefully cleaning them with the highest quality materials, equipment, and best techniques that will leave your carpet look clean and fresh in appearance. Some of the professional carpet cleaning services that are widely used include:

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning

    in this carpet cleaning service, also known as ‘Hot Water Extraction Cleaning’, professional uses a portable cleaning machine filled with detergent and water to clean dirt and stains from your carpet without rinsing.
  • Carpet Encapsulation Cleaning

    this carpet cleaning method does not need water in the cleaning process. Rather a cleaner initially vacuums the carpet and then applies high-quality encapsulation chemical onto your carpet and scrub it with the help of rotary brush machine to remove dirt from chemical residues from the carpet. This encapsulation chemical removes dust mites and soil particles that have settled in your
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning

    in this carpet cleaning service, professional cleaners applies dry-cleaning solution on the carpet that removes stubborn stains and dirt from your carpet. This type of carpet cleaning method is advisable in the winter month.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning offers a multitude of benefits. Having your carpet cleaned with the help of a professional can have even more! Let’s discuss some of those carpet cleaning benefits.

  • Prevents Bacteria and Mould Growth – If you only vacuum your carpet, it will only remove the surface dirt. However, if you want to get rid of bacteria harboured in the fibres of your carpet, you must go for a professional carpet cleaning service.
    Moreover, carpets also serve as the breeding ground for fungi and mould, which cannot be removed with simple vacuuming. Thus, deep carpet cleaning remains to be the only viable option to remove all dirt and bacteria from it, causing allergies and bad odour.
  • Better Appearance – Carpeting is the biggest furnishing in your room that adds beauty to it; in addition, it is also the carpet that receives most foot traffic as well as the attention of almost everyone who visits your home. Unfortunately, due to the huge foot traffic, your carpet starts looking dirty and out-dated.
    Having it professionally cleaned can remove all the dirt and dust to make it look brighter and clean. Professional carpet cleaning can enhance the overall aesthetics of your room.
  • Extended Life – If you are a carpet owner who is a DIY enthusiast too and think that carpet cleaning by professionals is an expensive option, then you are wrong. This is because a DIY solution can cause more damage to you. It might require you to even replace the whole carpet with the new one. Of course, that will be more expensive! On the other hand, if you hire a professional carpet cleaner, it is relatively cheaper and definitely a worthwhile solution to deep clean your existing carpet that eventually increase its lifespan. Professionals know how to remove the deep-seated dust, dirt, debris, and allergens that might deteriorate your carpet by splitting its fibres.
  • Improved Airflow – Overused carpets clog up the debris and dirt in their fibres which makes your home stuffy while preventing airflow. With vacuuming the carpet, you can only get rid of surface dirt as it cannot remove the embedded dirt. Carpet cleaning is crucial if you want to improve the airflow in your carpeted rooms. Professional carpet cleaning once in a year can help maintain a clean and healthier environment.
  • Eliminate Stains – Are you fed of stubborn stains on your favourite carpet? You must go for professional carpet cleaning. Why? This is because carpet cleaning experts know how to remove stains dogged stains from your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners know which chemical and technique is appropriate to apply in order to get rid of permanent stains like coffee spills, red wine spills, pet stains, ink and mud stains. Carpet cleaners can extract those stubborn stains by using the right technique based on thickness, material, and texture of your carpet.
  • Reduces Traffic Lane Effects – Traffic lane effects refer to those areas of carpet that experience most foot traffic. You might have visible traffic lane effects in your living rooms, hallways, and kitchen. These are the areas that might deteriorate much faster as compared to the carpet under your couches and bedrooms. Traffic lane effects make your carpet look dirtier and darker than badly affect the ambience of your home. With carpet cleaning service, you can reduce such tedious looking effects.

Wrap Up – By keeping your carpet clean and well-maintained with the help of professional carpet cleaning service, you can extend the longevity and appearance of your expensive and beautiful carpet.

If you are a carpet owner, it is advised to get  your carpet professionally cleaned because professionals are knowledgeable of carpet specifications. Besides, they apply the finest quality cleaning material and appropriate cleaning techniques to avoid damages to your